Monday, 23 November 2020

This listbuilding app is a real genius

 Dear visitor(s) of my blog 'Fast Money on the Internet',


I assume, as a reader of this blog(post), you must be, like I am, constantly looking for ways to build your list.?!

Of course, every serious Internet marketer searches his/her complete career for new leads, where he is filling his list with. And yes, it is true, we all prefer to fill our lists with buyers, not freebie seekers, as they do not earn anyone any money, for most, not themselves.

Anyhow, my belief is that we all were freebie seekers until we understood we also had to invest in our business, likewise, an offline entrepreneur never will see his business come off the ground if he would choose to never invest a single cent. It is not possible to create wealth if not one of us would put some money in our Intenet businesses. In that case, Internet marketing would not exist. Period.

What I want to say is: we all prefer to have as many buyers in our lists as possible, as it is these buyers who will make us money.

And here it is where The Genius App comes in place! Or better, Mister Paul Darby, a seasoned Internet marketer from Texas, USA and the creator and big engine behind 'The Genius App',, the product is formerly known as 'We Buy Emails'

As far as I know,  I remember it must have been beginning July of 2020, I was one of the first who subscribed to the offer of Mister Darby. Back then, I really had no idea what I was subscribing and with, but back then, I had some budget to spend on more adventurous projects. and in my opinion, 'WeBuyEmails' was a very strong product name.  And for God's sake, in case I would not make any money at all with this product, 4,95 $ would not be the end of the world. And I liked Mister Darbmy his enthusiasm, I didn't know him, but like he was talking about his new product, or he was very sure to make lots of money with his new thing, or he was about to steal an awful lot of money of all those innocent opportunity seekers he was convincing with his motivational pep talks. For sure, it was surely not this last thing that happened...

It must be said, Mister Paul Darby, really, the man is born to do video presentations!

But, I'll be honest, I totally forgot about 'WeBuyEmails', until somewhere in the end of September, where I saw an awesome presentation of 'TheGeniusApp', which had just changed names, as Mr Paul had, after running his first two months, discovered a whole new extra layer in his list building model, he had never seen so much value in such a simplicity in his career before. I think the man exploded inside, he promptly changed the name of his product in 'The Genius App', remarketed his complete campaign and man, you will see it for yourself if you take your chance to give it a try. The man is 62, but my God, he has the energy of a racing horse, the enthusiasm of a beginner, thriving on his first successes. Besides that, he is also an ever friendly man, he has a good sense of humour, he has a whole career of experience(and sharing it)and he knows how to keep one's interest.

You really should see it, but the app itself... indeed, it is nothing more but a genius app, never done before, as far as I know. In short, every subscriber to your list is also a proven buyer! From the first to the last! And it is so simple,  it took me some time to understand as it was so easy, I firstly did not saw it, at first, I didn't understand the value... But hey man, woman, It is so simple, we all know, simplicity and effectiveness are the combinations of a winning product!

So, everyone has now, for a limited time the chance to start with a 14-day trial, to see if it is something for you. And for sure it is, don't we all want strictly buyers in our lists, Dream on, NO, here's the chance for real to build such lists yourself:


TheGeniusApp 14-day trial
14-day trial of TheGeniusApp

Good luck, you can thank me later!

Kind regards,

Stijn Desmet

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